About Us

Mike Stephenson of ILG - fulfilment & warehousing specialists across Surrey, Sussex and the South East

Founded in 1990, ILG has grown to become a market leader in fulfilment, warehousing and logistics services. During this time, it has evolved alongside the e-commerce wave and major developments in the courier and freight industries to be the pick, pack and ship service for online businesses.

With state-of-the-art technology and innovative processes, 250 employees now serve more than 700 clients worldwide. We ship thousands of parcels daily to businesses and consumers and ILG is now a significant force in the logistics industry with a reputation for excellence in fulfilment as well as international courier services.

ILG plans continued growth through expanded services across the UK and beyond while maintaining its focus on people and quality to help your company improve its business performance.

Meet some of the team at ILG.

Our mission is to make our customers more successful.