James Godsell

IT Support Assistant

What did you do before you joined ILG?

Before ILG I was a student at Central Sussex College studying Business Studies and English whilst working part-time in a call centre.

Why did you join ILG?

I joined ILG as I was interested in an apprenticeship that paid well whilst I got another qualification and had good future prospects for promotion. Also, I researched the company and found out it was a multi award winning business which made me decide I wanted to work for this company more than any other.

What does your job involve?

My job involves working with internal and external customers to solve, resolve and develop IT systems. I’m an IT Support Administrator which means I deal with all IT issues and, as computers can have so many faults, this is a real busy job.

I travel to three sites every week to provide our sites with as much support as possible and carry out training with IT Geniuses.

What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy working in a team, even though it is a small team I believe we motivate each other to work to the best of our ability. When working in the IT department it’s professional to receive a second and third view of something we’re implementing or developing for more ideas on how we could improve what’s been planned. The four of us in the team all have our areas of IT we know more than the other so it’s an on-going learning process for all of us which is great also.

The fact that I travel to three different sites per week is something I enjoy the most about my job. Working in different environments also with different people as everyone at all the sites are a pleasure to work around and with.

What charity activities have you been involved in?

Since joining ILG I haven’t done any charity activities yet due to the injuries I’ve had. However this year I’m taking part in the London to Brighton bike ride for St Peter & St James Hospice and I will be looking to get involved with more in the future.

How would you describe the opportunities for promotion?

Use myself as an example of the opportunities for promotion; I started off working full time as a Warehouse Apprentice which was great being paid whilst gaining another qualification to put on my CV. I went on to pass my apprenticeship and become a Warehouse Assistant for two years. I then had the opportunity to become a Goods-in Warehouse Assistant and I decided to take the job as I wanted greater knowledge of how everything in the warehouse works.

The vacancy for IT Support Administrator was advertised, I applied for this job as this is the career I’ve always wanted to do but I didn’t want to leave ILG as I enjoy working here.

Everyone is lovely to work with and the amount of awards we win as a company is quite staggering compared to larger businesses.

What advice would you give to anyone considering applying to ILG?

My advice would be to apply, you won’t regret it. If you’re lucky enough to receive the chance to work for ILG take the great opportunity and receive more opportunities in the future. ILG really is a pleasure to work for. We’re a growing company so there’s plenty of promotion opportunities in all fields of the business.