Sam Taylor

Head of Fulfilment

What did you do before you joined ILG?

Prior to commencing employment at ILG I was an undergraduate Business and Human Resource Management student at The University of Sussex. I’ve also completed various years of part-time work in both the retail and hospitality industry alongside my study.

Why did you join ILG?

I joined ILG because I knew I was passionate about working in a medium sized company in a growing industry. The delivery and fulfilment market is fast paced, changing and a demanding environment and this was something that appealed to me from day one. I also loved the feel of the company and the welcoming and friendly culture.

What does your job involve?

My current role is as Head of Fulfilment. As part of this I am responsible for three Customer Service Section Managers and ultimately for the Account Managers and Customer Service Executives that work with them. I am responsible for the satisfaction of our fulfilment clients and ensuring that our rigorous service standards are upheld by every member of the Customer Service team. I also negotiate commercials with clients, conduct and chair reviews and look at the ways we can help our clients develop and be more successful. I am responsible for the strategic growth of the fulfilment division and ensuring our people have the tools they need to succeed and exceed our customers expectations.

What do you like most about your job?

I love the variety of working in a medium sized yet growing and diverse company.

Every day is different and it’s great to work with in such a dedicated and enthusiastic team who really care about making their customers more successful and making a difference.

What training and development opportunities have you had at ILG?

The training and development has been huge, working with such a varied mix of people really gives you the key skills to be able to communicate, present and converse in a professional manor. I have successfully progressed from my initial role as a one year University Placement Student to a position in Client Relationship Management to now heading up the Fulfilment Division. This is testament I believe to the development and training opportunities provided by a fast growing company such as ILG.

How would you describe the working environment and culture?

I would describe the working environment as friendly and relaxed. We all know exactly what we need to do in order to fulfill our customers’ expectations and take pride in exceeding them. Achievement is rewarded through schemes such as the staff member of the month. Everyone is encouraged to be the best they can be to succeed and to help our customers be as successful as they can be, putting them at the heart of everything we do.

What advice would you give to anyone considering applying to ILG?

I would advise anyone who is thinking of applying to ILG to definitely go for it. It’s a great, growing company and there are many opportunities for progression and development if you are willing to work hard.