Choose ILG for a Greener Future

We’re working hard to minimise our environmental impact. By sourcing sustainable energy and materials, cutting waste, recycling more, driving greener practices and setting ourselves ambitious but achievable targets as we grow. We can be part of your green journey too.

ILG is ISO 14001 Accredited!

Our Carbon Target:

In 2022 we cut our CO2 Footprint 35%* – 8 months ahead of schedule

*Relative to business turnover

Our Green 

See how we’re working to deliver a more sustainable future.

“At ILG we put care for the environment front and centre. Like many of our customers and our customers’ customers, we share a deep concern for our planet’s wellbeing. We’re determined to do our bit to secure a more sustainable future for us all.”
Tom Ashley, ILG Managing Director

Clean Energy

In 2021 we switched all our energy contracts to Green Electricity and Green Gas tariffs. So now, all our warehouses and offices are powered by sustainable energy and downsizing their carbon footprints.

Zero to Landfill

100% of our waste is either recycled or burned to produce electricity. None of our waste is sent to landfill and we work hard to cut the volume of waste we produce across all of our sites.

Recyclable Packaging

All ILG paper and cardboard packaging is made from recycled materials. Instead of oil-based packing materials, we use paper-based void-fill wherever possible. Every week we send over six tonnes of cardboard for recycling.

Sustainable Facilities

Over time we are replacing our older warehouses with more modern, energy-efficient facilities. Our Space Gatwick warehouse is rated BREEAM ‘Excellent’ and equipped with  extensive skylights, solar panels, low-energy LED lighting and fuel-saving heating.

ILG Environmental Policy

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