Sustainable fulfilment and delivery

At ILG we are on a mission to make our operations more sustainable and environment-friendly. As a fast-growing business, we don’t underestimate the potential for us to consume more resources and produce more waste.

Our strategic commitment to minimise environmental impact spans everything we do, from energy consumption and waste management to green partnerships and educating our staff about ecological best-practice.

Sustainable facilities

Our latest warehouse, ILG Space Gatwick, sets a new sustainability standard for all our fulfilment facilities. We’re working hard to ensure all our other warehouses are as eco-friendly as possible.

Green energy

We engage with our supply chain to minimise the carbon footprint of our energy use. ILG will be switching all contracts to Green Electricity and Green Gas tariffs across all our warehouses and offices.

Zero-landfill waste

We reduce our waste wherever possible and none is sent to landfill. Instead we work with industry-best waste management specialists who ensure that every item of waste is either recycled or converted to electricity.

Eco-friendly packaging

Our packaging is made from recycled paper and cardboard. Wherever possible, we avoid bubble-wrap and other oil-based filler materials. Instead we pack using natural, recycled void-fill papers which are easy to recycle.

"ILG is a complete end-to-end partner, people who go further to understand exactly what we need. They get the job done, but always balance the welfare of their people and impact on the environment."

Customer Care Manager, NEOM

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Sustainability at ILG

  • No waste to landfill
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Green energy tariffs
  • Sustainable facilities
  • Electric forklifts
  • Electric conveyors
  • Carbon reduction targets
  • Green partnerships
  • Low-impact procurement