“The last few years has been a very exciting time for Commodity and having logistics and fulfilment partners you can trust is a central cornerstone of Consumer Packaged Goods business growth, especially when that growth comes rapidly. For that partner, we have turned to ILG. Such is their interest and commitment to our success, the feeling is very much that ILG’s people work with us rather than for us, from their dedication to our customer experience through to negotiating the best delivery rates for our brand.”
CEO, Commodity


Since 2014, London and New York based lifestyle brand Commodity has been changing the way people think about beauty. The brand’s focus on the artisans truly at the heart of creating beauty products is making an impression on the industry.

Having initially launched ecommerce and retail sales in the US, Commodity needed a fulfilment partner to launch its ecommerce expansion across the UK and Europe, as well as all non-North America retail distribution. In order to focus on growth opportunities across the Atlantic and around the globe, the company needed to fully outsource its expansion to a proven partner that it could trust implicitly with its brand values.

As part of our partnership with Commodity we provide

  • Fashion & Beauty fulfilment

Solution and benefits

With a rapidly growing business like Commodity, fulfilling orders can become a burden and even curtail growth. All it takes is one unexpected piece of publicity and a business can become swamped with orders it can’t fulfil. By outsourcing, not only do you get a service provided by experts that allows your own employees to get on with growing the business, you also get the scalability to accommodate rapid expansion.

In addition to providing Commodity with the capacity and experience to deal with sudden increases in orders, we were able to negotiate excellent shipping rates for them, by virtue of the sheer volume of shipments we handle every day. Under the supervision of a dedicated Account Manager, whose knowledge of retailer vendor manuals and booking-in processes is unparalleled, we were also able to give Commodity the peace of mind of knowing that its deliveries to high-end retailers, including major department stores, were being correctly fulfilled.

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