Case Study

MORI: Organic Clothing for Babies and Toddlers

MORI launched in London in 2015 as an e-commerce retailer, selling baby and toddler clothes and accessories made from high-quality, natural materials from sustainable sources. Its signature material is made from organic cotton and bamboo, a very soft fabric that is comfortable, breathable and safe. In 2018, the Little London Awards, which champion excellence in pregnancy, baby and children’s brands, named MORI as Brand of the Year and its baby sleeping bags received the prestigious Mumsnet Best stamp of approval.

“We needed a logistics partner with clothing and gift fulfilment expertise, who could handle the volume but also deliver high-quality personalisation. Attention to detail and reliability were the key decision makers; ILG convinced us that they could do the job and have lived up to our expectations”
Founder & CEO, MORI

Meeting Growing Demand

We drew up a plan that involved working with MORI to source the best machinery for embroidering onto any type of textile, including MORI’s delicate signature fabric, and to upskill our staff to handle the personalisation process. This stage sits between the warehousing and logistics services and is managed end to end, with our IT systems integrated with MORI’s website back-end. This enables us to seamlessly see what needs personalising, with all the details, such as colour of thread.

In four short years, MORI has seen extraordinary growth. Our support has enabled the company to meet its burgeoning demand while focusing on developing the brand to its acclaimed position. MORI is now looking at new ways to use our personalisation service to expand its product inventory into new materials, such as wooden toys.

Outsourced Personalisation

Personalisation is in high demand in the baby and gifting categories. MORI was quick to spot this and had been handling its own fulfilment and personalisation, using a desktop embroidery machine. But with order volumes rising rapidly, the company approached ILG to ask how we could help.

Attention to Detail

They knew our pedigree in clothing logistics and gift fulfilment but were also looking for a partner that could manage the crucial personalisation and gift-wrapping stage. Attention to detail and reliability were paramount, as this stage requires products to be removed from their packaging, embroidered and then repackaged in pristine condition.

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