Case Study

Shower Seal: Elegant Bathroom Parts

Shower Seal Ltd is the UK’s largest supplier of shower door and bath screen parts, selling to businesses and consumers via its online shop. The company aims to offer a level of service that delights every customer in the belief that continually surpassing customer expectations is one of the best routes to long-term success.

“ILG have left us feeling we are their partners in business and we are happy to be shown the way. Logistics, storage and fulfilment are no longer concerns. We absolutely recommend them to companies large and small.”
Managing Director, Shower Seal Ltd

Managing Stock and Space

ILG’s Fulfilment service integrates seamlessly with Shower Seal’s back-end systems to ensure orders are packaged and sent out on time and to a high standard, and that stock levels are efficiently managed, with flexible warehouse space and no fixed costs.

Through our UK Delivery service we are able to select the most suitable and cost-effective routing options and to give Shower Seal regular updates on the progress of each delivery, thus enabling them to offer a highly reliable service for less than they were paying before.

Delivering on Price and Reliability

Shower Seal had been finding it difficult to get good prices out of delivery companies and a level of service that was reliable and flexible enough to meet the standards it wanted to provide to its customers.

Scalable Partnership

So it took the decision to seek out a logistics and fulfilment partner to help improve its delivery service and save money on courier costs. It needed a firm that could integrate directly with its own website to process and fulfil orders and it needed storage space that could grow and shrink as required. In addition, it wanted a partner that offered the personal touch.

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