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Sunseeker: The Ultimate in Motoryacht Luxury

Sunseeker, based in Poole, Dorset, builds world-class luxury motoryachts, which it sells via a network of distributors based in every continent. The company employs over 2,200 people and is world-renowned for the design, craftsmanship and performance of its yachts.

“The status of ‘preferred supplier’ to Sunseeker is not given lightly, given our stature in the industry, so clearly over the last eight years ILG has proven its ability to provide us with efficient courier services on a worldwide basis. As such we are extremely pleased to be working in partnership with ILG.”
Transport and Export Manager, Sunseeker

High-Value Global Deliveries

Sunseeker chose to use ILG Global Export Courier, a dependable, cost-effective service for carrying shipments via the best means possible to any address in the world, and our proactive approach has improved delivery standards.

World-Class Standards

With an internationally recognised brand and a luxury marine product, Sunseeker demands the highest possible level of service that must filter through to the delivery of even the smallest parts and accessories.

Monitoring shipments and processing customs paperwork in-house was proving a timely and costly task.

Powering Shipments Worldwide

Through our close management of each shipment, we see that all exceptions are investigated and progressed to a resolution with minimal impact on the customer, thus ensuring that Sunseeker’s quality ethos is carried through to all its courier deliveries. No matter where in the world the goods are being delivered, each and every shipment is given our full care and attention.

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