As part of our partnership with This Works we provide:

This Works is an award-winning British skincare brand renowned for delivering clean targetted skincare and sleep solutions. Founded in 2003 by Kathy Phillips, a former Vogue UK Beauty Director, the company has established a significant presence in the global beauty industry.

Originally created by Kathy Phillips as an antidote to modern life and its impact on skin and wellbeing, This Works continues to create innovative high quality, efficacious products that deliver on their promise without using unnecessary chemicals, that optimise skin performance 24 hours a day, based on the body clock.

ILG are not just another supplier to us. They are a true partner who care about the quality of service they deliver and seem to have as much passion for our brand as we do.

COO, This Works

How we helped

This Works has established a loyal and ever-growing fan base, thanks to its presence in the media, regular industry award wins and endorsement from celebrities and social influencers alike. In this period of fast growth the company quickly realised that it needed a fulfilment partner to handle the volume of orders. With a keen eye on style, This Works came looking for a partner that could guarantee the appropriate commitment to packaging quality and brand support, integrate with its own warehouse software, deliver reliably to retailers and safely handle fragile goods.

At ILG we don’t just deliver parcels, we deliver experiences. Our aim is to extend the end customer’s experience of our clients’ brands all the way from initial order confirmation email to delivery. Since the beginning of our partnership we have provided This Works with branded communications and a bespoke luxury packaging and rework service, including tissue paper, branded packaging and free gifts with qualifying orders, which gives This Works customers the bespoke, boutique experience they expect.