Billy Ross - Business Development Manager at ILG - fulfilment & warehousing services in Sussex, Surrey and the South East

“Consolidated purchasing power enables us to source the best service and best value every time”

Billy Ross - Business Development Manager

fufilment Dispatch

Fast, competitive delivery

I’m Billy, one of ILG’s Business Development Managers.

We don’t just offer one delivery service to fit all, we offer a range of services designed to cater for each customer’s specific needs.

Our services

  • Import and export
  • UK parcels and packages
  • EU deliveries
  • Heavy freight
  • Expert advice on insurance and customs requirements

We work with the world’s leading courier and freight companies, giving us purchasing power that enables us to source the "least cost routing" option for every single delivery.

So you get the best carriers in the business, fronted by ILG customer service, which means we take responsibility for every delivery and give you a personalised service via your Account Manager and your secure access to our IT systems, which let you monitor all your deliveries at every stage.

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