As part of our partnership with Trinny London we provide:

The Trinny London make-up brand was launched in 2017 by Trinny Woodall of TV’s What not To Wear. The USP was a clip-together ‘stack’ of premium make-up pots, comprising all the colours you need to suit your individual look, selected using an online tool called Match2Me. Trinny wanted to outsource fulfilment and delivery from the start, and chose ILG on the basis of our experience in the Fashion & Beauty sector and our capacity to adapt and grow with the brand. The Trinny London concept was an immediate hit and has seen 100 per cent annual growth.

The business model is mainly focused on e-commerce, but there are other logistical requirements, including some wholesale fulfilment to Fenwicks and occasional pop-up retail outlets, as well as sending stock to Trinny Tribe followers and Trinny London in-house make-up consultants. After less than two years of hectic, exciting growth, with new products being launched all the time, often at very short notice, Trinny London is now focusing on increasing overseas sales, starting with the US.

ILG has been an invaluable partner from day one. Dave has been amazing, handling anything we’ve thrown at him, often with a day’s notice. Several times we’ve put ILG in a position where they could have said no – they never have. They’ve been completely proactive and reliable, which has enabled us to focus on growing the business.

Head of Customer Services, Trinny London

How we helped

With a vibrant startup like Trinny London, it’s important to have a 3pl that has capacity to grow as the customer grows, that can react very quickly to new ideas and last-minute plans, that can be relied on to spot issues and sort them out and that can offer advice and guidance. In short, a 3pl that enables the customer to switch off from logistics and focus on developing the business.

We assigned Trinny London with a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager, Dave, who has been Trinny’s consistent port of call from day one. He monitors the workflow and maintains day-to-day contact. If there is any issue, he picks up the phone and sorts it out. Fulfilment is carried out from our state-of-the-art warehouse in East Grinstead and includes rework, personalisation and high-quality packaging. We are also able to provide best in class courier services, which can comfortably absorb the additional volume as Trinny’s market grows, both in the UK and abroad. We are proud to be playing our part in Trinny London’s remarkable success.