Emily Downer - Account Executive at ILG - experts in education fulfilment across Sussex, Surrey and the South East

“Our proven education industry knowledge and expertise ensures you get the best managed service for your customers”

Emily Downer - Account Executive

fufilment Education

Storage & Distribution for Education

My name’s Emily and I’m an Account Executive. We carry out a lot of fulfilment work for the Education sector and have become a trusted provider of print, packaging and distribution solutions for schools, universities and exam boards, delivering to any location in the world.

We maintain a wide network of agents to support remote deliveries and our own in-house team takes care of all your customs compliance and paperwork.

Additional education services

  • Digital and lithographic printing
  • Exhibition and event support
  • Personal, branded customer notifications
  • Full audited stock management capability
  • Returns and back order management
  • Customs clearance service and advice
  • Recycling and stock disposal
  • Archive facility
  • Third party collections

We operate a transparent approach to our pricing. Our secure storage facilities are operated on a pay-for-what-you-use basis with no fixed costs and we carefully manage your deliveries to make sure you always get the best service at the best price.

Excellent IT systems give you up-to-the-minute visibility of stock control. Our extensive reporting options also provide detailed spend analysis to support your budget management.

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