Electronics fulfilment

When it comes to electronics order fulfilment, we ensure that every electrical product or component is securely stored, strictly quality-controlled and methodically packed and despatched.

Our highly trained teams and bespoke facilities are perfectly geared for the fulfilment of everything from designer electricals to sophisticated electronic components.

High-value electricals

Outsource your consumer electronics order fulfilment to us and we guarantee your products will be well looked after. Our warehouses provide a clean, dry, high-security storage environment and our expert pick and pack staff ensure your electrical goods are always rigorously quality-audited and carefully packed. Whether we’re fulfilling an e-commerce purchase or a bulk consignment to a retailer, we double check every order to confirm colour, specification and model number.

Electronic components

We specialise in electronics third party logistics for a wide range of computer components, accessories and electrical parts. Thanks to our inventory management technology we have a real-time picture of where every item is safely stored. And our fault-checking and quality processes ensure your components are despatched and arrive working perfectly and in mint condition.

Our customer stories

“The staff at ILG are always responsive. They act quickly to resolve our queries and nothing is ever too big a problem for them.”

Regional & Logistics Co-ordinator, Trend