FAQ's - New Customers, Fulfilment

How long does it take for my orders to start shipping through ILG?

We would usually suggest around 4-6 weeks implementation time. Depending on the complexity of the work involved this might take longer, but usually this is the right amount of time to allow us to create and test the IT solutions, receive your stock and agree all your requirements.

How does it work?

We will look to integrate our IT systems with yours so that order and inventory information can be exchanged. We will learn your packing requirements, align ourselves with your brand and ensure that orders are fulfilled and sent all over the world. Our systems will then exchange data and update records with relevant information, costs and details.

Do you work with international customers?

Yes we do. We will require some additional information as part of the implementation process and might require a deposit to offer credit terms, but we have many customers all over the world.

Do you offer bonded warehouse facilities?

No we don’t offer bonded warehouse facilities.

Can you help with importing my goods?

Yes we are able to offer competitive import services from all over the world to safely bring back your goods to the warehouse. We can assist with customs clearance too due to our highly experienced Customer Service team’s knowledge of customs.

What about insurance?

Goods (within the warehouse and in transit) are covered on a limited liability basis in accordance with our terms and conditions. For full coverage a separate insurance policy would need to be sourced, which can usually be added to your existing policy, or we can introduce you to the right specialist.

What delivery options do you have?

We have an extensive range of delivery options available and offer worldwide services across parcel, pallet and postal networks. We use all the main providers including UPS, DHL, UK Mail, Royal Mail, TNT etc.

Do you have any minimum charges or minimum order levels?

Whilst we don't have a minimum order volume or spend requirements, typically we would expect you to have regular fulfilment activity throughout each month.

How do your charges work?

We will offer a schedule of charges that includes all of our charges for warehousing and fulfilment. This is activity based pricing and tailored to suit your profile. In addition, we will provide a set of global delivery tariffs offering pricing to each destination.

Where are your warehouses?

We are based in the South of England. We have over 180,000 square feet of flexible warehouse space across eight facilities;44,000 square feet at our Gatwick warehouse close to the airport, 44,000 square feet in total across three warehouses in Crawley, 22,000 square feet at our Burgess Hill warehouse and 66,000 square feet in total across two warehouses in East Grinstead. All are within close proximity of central London.