I’m Darren, one of ILG’s Project Managers. We work in teams of two to take care of your account in those initial stages when you first trust your fulfilment to us.

We understand this is a nervous time for any company so we make it our priority to reassure you by showing you the quality of our facilities, staff and systems. Over an average of four to six weeks we are your dedicated point of contact. We learn everything we can about your business so we can tailor our service to your products and customers.

Only when we are all happy that everything is working as you want, do we hand over to your ILG Account Manager. Even then we continue to monitor your account up to the first monthly review.

Implementation step-by-step

Our Implementation service is designed to give you total confidence.

  • ilg-implementation-resources-icon.png

    Committed resources


    Dedicated Implementation Manager will guide you through the onboarding process.

  • ilg-implementation-timing-icon.png

    Intelligent timing


    Your start date is timed to suit your business calendar and avoid busy periods. We plan for an average lead time of four to six weeks.

  • ilg-implementation-project-plan-icon.png

    Project plan


    A customised online project plan captures every need, task and question, and is flexible to adapt to your evolving needs. We go through the plan with you meticulously before putting together the service level agreement.

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    Our Implementation Managers are on hand for you to talk to during the set-up period and liaise with all stakeholders, including Warehouse Managers, Customer Service and Finance. We produce timelines to show you where we are at any point in the Implementation process.

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    IT integration


    We have extensive experience of integrating with all major online shopping platforms, and create API solutions that manage all the relevant channels and communicate with your systems in real time. Read more about our IT integration.

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    Staff training


    We want our staff to know as much about your product as you do, so we invest in an ongoing training programme that includes training videos for your products and our own e-learning platform.

  • ilg-implementation-handover-icon.png

    Formal handover


    Implementation Managers work alongside your Account Managers for the first couple of weeks after going live, carry out on-site inspections and sort out any teething troubles. Only when we are all completely happy that it’s all working reliably do they hand over to the Account Manager fully.

  • ilg-implementation-review-icon.png

    Regular review


    Our performance on your account is reviewed monthly to begin with, moving to quarterly as it beds in. Implementation Managers attend the first monthly review.

Why you should trust ILG

  • One point of contact.
  • Constant reassurance.
  • Clean, state-of-the-art warehousing.
  • Bespoke IT systems.
  • Brand support.
  • In-depth product knowledge.
  • Thorough staff training.
  • Low set-up fees.