fufilment Outsourced Fulfilment

Outsourced Fulfilment Services

At ILG we understand how protective any company is of its products and reputation, and that handing over the fulfilment of your orders to an outside company is a big decision.

We take this responsibility very seriously and train our staff to make sure our customers benefit from all the advantages of fulfilment outsourcing without any of the worries. With over 100 clients and more than 150,000 stock items being managed by our 250 dedicated staff, we consistently achieve a pick accuracy of 99.9%.

We also provide specialist fulfilment services for the Fashion and Beauty, Education, Travel and E-commerce sectors.

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So what are those advantages?

Flexible storage

You don’t need your own warehouse and you only pay for the space you need. 

Hi-tech systems

State-of-the-art warehouse management and tracking systems enable you to have full view of your products throughout their journey.

Purchasing power

Because we deal with multiple carriers, we can negotiate the best price and service for your goods, anywhere in the world.

It’s our speciality

Our expert staff are focused on fulfilment, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best.