Harrison Antino - Warehouse Assistant at ILG - fulfilment & logistics in Sussex, Surrey and the South East

“We’re trained to think inside the box”

Harrison Antino - Warehouse Apprentice

fufilment Pick & Pack

Accurate Pick & Pack

Hi, I’m Harrison and I’m a Warehouse Assistant at ILG. We’re the ones who actually handle your products, making sure the information that comes off the computer tallies with what goes into the package for delivery.

We are all part of an award-winning continuous improvement training programme that teaches us to handle your products with the same level of care and pride that you would, adding value to your business and brand by ensuring a standard of delivery that you can be proud of. Thanks to our training and the technology of our Warehouse Management system, we consistently achieve a pick and pack accuracy of 99.9%.

Pick & Pack services


We understand that this is a very important aspect of your customer service and brand offering and we can provide:

  • Bespoke branded packaging to add value to delivery.
  • Advice and design for defence packaging to ensure goods arrive undamaged.
  • Gift wrapping and personal messaging options.
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable packaging materials.

Re-work services

We have designated clean and secure re-work areas with a dedicated re-work team offering:

  • Final assembly of your products and kit building.
  • Ticketing of items.
  • Inserts and collation of printed material.
  • A range of quality checking.

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