As part of our partnership with Bupa Global we provide:

Bupa Global (formerly Bupa International) is a leading healthcare group, running care homes, health centres, dental centres and hospitals around the world, as well as offering personal and company health insurance and providing home healthcare, workplace health services and health assessments.

Bupa Global sends shipments all over the world, including many destinations that have strict paperwork and customs procedures. Without its own in-house expertise, keeping up to date with changes to the procedures and identifying correct paperwork requirements was becoming a real headache and, at times, a costly issue.

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ILG has been a reliable and trustworthy supplier to our company for many years and its service has stood up to scrutiny on many different occasions. I would have no hesitation in recommending ILG to any company.

Service Manager, Bupa Global

How we helped

ILG’s Global Export Courier and Global Mail services provide a complete end-to-end shipping solution for all of Bupa Global’s requirements, taking away the hassle of processing carrier and customs paperwork, commercial invoices and specialist customs entries, and thus saving precious working hours.

In addition, a Customer Service team provides 100% exceptions management on every job until it is delivered and closed off. Substantial cost savings and improved delivery performance have been achieved too, by taking advantage of ILG’s ability to select the most suitable, specialist and cost-effective routing option for each delivery.