ReStore - Our Returns Service

I’m Luke, responsible for ReStore, our global returns service at ILG. We have a lot of customers for whom returns are crucial, so we know how important it is to provide a returns service that gives your customers a positive brand experience, wherever they are in the world. We treat returns with the same importance as delivery.

Our returns service is tailored to your needs, ensuring brand alignment in the packaging we use and any customer communications. We put a premium on product knowledge so our staff can quickly assess the condition of any returns and share information with you in real time via our warehouse management system.

We use a range of carriers to ensure prompt collection of returns and when it comes to cost, you only pay for the work we do.


How ReStore helps your customers

Returns made easy

If required, each package goes out prepared for return label and return packaging included.

Brand confidence

By delivering a fast, easy, branded service, we ensure your reputation is enhanced by the returns process.

Prompt communication

We send your customer a branded message the moment their return arrives with us to explain next steps, keep them up to date and avoid any further queries.

Fast resolution

By communicating the condition of each return with you in real time, we help to ensure a speedy conclusion for your customer.

How ReStore helps you


You can trust us and our choice of carriers to liaise with your customers, ensure your goods are safely shipped back in good time and handled according to your criteria.

ILG office teamwork

Quarantine management

We can set up any number of accounts to help you sell off returns stock via online selling platforms without damaging your brand.

ILG office teamwork


We have the product knowledge to quality control all your goods on return and quickly relay the condition to you, with pictures and videos where required.

ILG office teamwork


We tailor our returns service to your brand guidelines, with all packaging and communications in your colours.

ILG office teamwork

Peace of mind

Rest assured we will uphold your standards and reputation throughout the returns process, leaving your customers with a positive impression that strengthens their brand loyalty.


We provide you with detailed reports on the movement of your goods via our own tailored IT system, including complete audit trails and returns reports generated daily or however frequently you want.

Prompt communication

Our staff are trained to judge the condition of returns and whether to book them back in for resale, quarantine or send for disposal. This outcome, along with market intelligence such as reason for return, will be communicated to you in real time.