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Today, consumers are placing ever-greater demands on fashion and beauty brands, expecting an easy and seamless online purchase process when browsing, ordering and receiving their goods. And, if things do go wrong, they demand rapid, hassle-free remediation.

Whether you are handling fulfilment inhouse or choose to outsource to external specialists, this ILG Guide to Fulfilment provides useful insights to help your fulfilment run smoothly and efficiently. Created from ILG’s experience of delivering fulfilment services since 1990 and specialist knowledge, built providing expert services to 
over 50 fashion and beauty brands currently, the guide will help develop your understanding of effective fulfilment.

Download your free copy of the ILG Guide to Fulfilment

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Inside the guide...

  • When to outsource your fulfilment...
    and who to trust it to
  • Why it makes sense to outsource your fulfilment
  • Key considerations when importing stock
  • Is your warehouse handling quality?
  • Top tips for efficient receipt of goods
  • Secrets of a warehouse stock manager
  • Defining your pick and pack preferences
  • Boxing clever: 5 principles for the perfect parcel
  • Control of dispatch and carriers
  • Happy returns: why they’re as important as delivery
Hangers - Fashion Fulfilment at ILG
Packaging at ILG Fashion Fulfilment
Packaging at ILG Fashion Fulfilment

Download your free copy of the ILG Fulfilment Guide

About ILG

Founded in 1990, ILG has grown to become a market leader in fulfilment and courier services in the fashion and beauty sector. With state-of-the-art technology and innovative processes, over 120 employees now serve more than 700 clients worldwide. ILG ships thousands of parcels daily to businesses and consumers and is now a significant force in the logistics industry with a reputation for excellence in fulfilment as well as international courier services.