ILG Space Gatwick is Opening Soon

Space Gatwick, situated in Gatwick, West Sussex, UK is ILG’s newest and most advanced fulfilment centre. Due to open in September 2020, the warehouse is currently being fitted out to become our most state-of-the-art and energy-efficient facility.

Like all other ILG warehouses, Space Gatwick offers our customers a pristine, high-specification fulfilment environment, equipped exclusively for the storing, picking, personalisation, packing, despatch and returns of high-value goods on behalf of high-growth e-commerce brands, and staffed by expert, highly trained personnel.

Space Gatwick’s layout and working practices are designed to balance maximum operational efficiency with minimum environmental impact and the need to keep our staff safe and socially distanced within the workspace at all times. Staff will be kept 2m apart, work in one-way traffic flows and wear PPE for extra safety. These measures, together with extensive health and safety training and thorough cleaning regimes, will keep infection risk within Space Gatwick as low as possible. This gives ILG customers the reassurance that, despite the challenges of Covid-19, we will continue to fulfil our SLAs.

Many of our customers put caring for the environment high on their list of corporate responsibilities. As a sustainable 3PL facility, Space Gatwick gives our customers the confidence that their fulfilment supply chain is perfectly aligned with their own environmental aims. Every inch of the facility’s 48,000 square feet is designed to shrink carbon footprint, with roof-mounted solar panels that generate electricity to power the warehouse, plenty of skylights to flood the building with natural light and low-consumption LED lighting.

Space Gatwick will operate electric fork-lifts, power-saving conveyors and high-performance heating to reduce CO2 emissions. Any excess solar electricity produced on site will plug back into the UK’s national grid. Our fulfilment teams will use fully recyclable packaging and operate 100% digital picking. In addition, ILG staff will be well rewarded for thinking and acting green. We are installing electric car charging points and secure bike stores to encourage all our warehouse personnel to travel to and from work in the most environment-friendly way.

Space Gatwick, ILG’s flagship sustainable fulfilment facility, is launching soon. For more information, watch this space.

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