ILG’s Support for Aldingbourne WorkAid

The Aldingbourne WorkAid scheme supports people with learning disabilities and / or autism by finding them suitable paid employment and works closely with employers to ensure they get the most from the scheme. Having worked with the Aldingbourne Trust for many years, ILG is supporting WorkAid by producing marketing materials to attract new prospective employers.

WorkAid challenges long-standing stereotypes about disability and refocuses attention on the abilities of the individual with free skills training, help with job applications and supported inductions. The scheme offers businesses free expert help with recruitment, training and managing HR issues.

“WorkAid took the time to understand the role and ensure I understood the applicant’s needs and abilities to ensure a great fit. What was really reassuring was the continuing support that I received. I would happily recommend the Aldingbourne Trust to all employers who are considering employing individuals with learning disabilities and / or autism.”

Gary Rollison, Financial Associates

Having recruited numerous WorkAid employees over the years, ILG is well placed to understand how the scheme makes a positive difference to businesses through higher productivity, stronger workforce engagement and improved inclusivity and diversity.  We wanted to support the Aldingbourne Trust by communicating the benefits, via video and leaflets, to other potential employers and answering any questions they might have.

Watch the WorkAid  video here:

ILG is proud to work with the Aldingbourne Trust. If you’re looking for loyal, trustworthy employees, Aldingbourne WorkAid is the perfect way to make your business more productive and inclusive.

If you are interested to find out more, download our leaflet, or visit:


or call 01243 546035

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