Why Overstocking is Under-Performing

The Challenges of Inventory & Promotions Planning

With supply chains in disarray and brands nervous of disappointing customers by running out of products, overstocking is now a global phenomenon.

Fulfilment 3PLs have found themselves struggling with the challenge of how to manage excess stock. But overstocking is an issue for brands too. So, why is overstocking happening and how can brands and 3PLs mitigate its impact in the future?

In this e-book we cover:

  • The Cost of Overstocking
  • Too Much Stock: Why is it Happening?
  • Consequences of Discounting
  • Finding the Right Fix
  • A Future of Overstocking?

“2022’s overstocking challenge led to a significant rise in discounting – even over the Black Friday period, IMRG noted a 78% uplift in live campaigns during the first two weeks of November, highlighting that promotional periods are not just increasing in frequency but duration as well.”

Emily Power, Head of E-Commerce, Reload Digital

About ILG

Founded in 1990, ILG is a market leader in outsourced order fulfilment. With the latest tech, state-of-the-art facilities and expert, highly trained staff, we specialise in retail and e-commerce fulfilment for beauty, fashion and wellbeing brands. We employ over 500 people in the UK and EU, and serve over 350 customers worldwide, from fast-growth e-commerce businesses to high-profile retail brands.

About us

About Reload Digital

Since 2009, Reload Digital has been growing multi-market consumer brands by helping them with ‘what’s next’ across eCommerce and Digital. With global offices, we work with established beauty, fashion and premium brands to drive profitable efficiencies by layering industry and multimarket expertise with channel specialists across brand and performance, creative and the customer lifecycle.

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