IT Change Freeze 2022

As we approach our peak trading period, we want to advise you of an upcoming IT change freeze at ILG. This change freeze will limit us to essential fixes and system optimisation only. It is vital our IT team can focus on supporting the business, and for our systems to remain stable throughout this critical time, minimising operational risk for all parties.

This email will answer the most common questions we receive at this time:

  • When is the IT change freeze?
  • What is an IT change freeze?
  • Why does ILG have an IT change freeze?
  • How does the IT change freeze affect me?

First things first, the upcoming IT change freeze is November 14th 2022 – January 3rd 2023.

But, what exactly IS an IT change freeze?
An IT change freeze is a period of time in which IT changes (application, system or infrastructure based) are stopped entirely, or placed under additional governance prior to implementation.

At ILG, we plan our change freeze around the Black Friday and Christmas period, which is typically the busiest time for most of our clients.

Why does ILG have an IT change freeze?
Our systems will be used more during this period than any other time of year – more deliveries, more orders, more enquiries. This change freeze will help us ensure that we don’t disrupt the daily workflows of our clients.

How does a change freeze affect you?
The good news is, it should be business as usual for anyone using our systems during the change freeze. We will not introduce any changes on our side unless an unforeseen critical update is needed. To avoid disappointment please give due consideration to any IT changes you may need in advance, or during this change freeze period.

Should you have any questions regarding the IT change freeze and any impact this may have on your business, then please don’t hesitate to contact your usual ILG contact in the first instance.