27 February 2018 Alerts

27 February - UK Mail Hub Power Outage

UK Mail have notified us that unfortunately last night the central Hub in Ryton suffered a power outage, this significantly affected the sort operation at a critical time. The contingency power generator worked as planned following reset of the sortation system and the hub operation team worked extremely hard to minimise any form of delay, however unfortunately there is a small % of parcels that did not meet the final connections to the delivery sites this morning and will be delayed 24 hours.

The remaining parcels will be sorted this morning and then loaded and presented to the delivery sites through the evening today for delivery tomorrow.

Winter Weather Disruption

In addition to the above delays, UK Mail have also advised us that the following postcodes are experiencing delays due to the winter weather.

Impacted postcodes:

  • CT2/3/4
  • CT13/14/15/16
  • ME14/15/16/19/20
  • TN3/6/7/17/18/20/21/22/26/28/29/30/31/32/33/35/36
  • BN20/26
  • NE
  • TS
  • SE
  • DH