Yes, we can arrange for your goods to be sent on a temperature-controlled service. Just let us know at the time of quoting that your goods are temperature-sensitive and provide the minimum and maximum storage temperatures. We can then offer you the relevant service options.

‘Cross trade’ describes a shipment transported from one country to another and arranged by a business based in a third country. For example, a shipment from the USA to France arranged by a UK business would be classified as a cross trade shipment.

A groupage service describes a part-load road freight shipment. Instead of paying for an entire vehicle to carry your goods, you only pay for the space taken up by your freight, as freight from other shippers would be consolidated with yours on the same vehicle. A groupage service from the UK to Europe would be slightly slower than a dedicated service.

FCL (Full Container Load) refers to a shipment where all the container’s contents are owned by a single party. FCL is ideal for bulk shipments as you are paying for the use of an entire container.
LCL (Less than Container Load) describes a shared container where multiple shipments from multiple shippers are consolidated. Typically, LCL is used for smaller shipments which do not require an entire container and can share the space with other freight.

FCL shipments are usually a quicker way to ship compared to LCL shipments. Depending on the origin, destination, routing and other factors, FCL shipments can be anything from a few days to a couple of weeks faster.