There is no weight limit. However, there may be restricted services for larger shipments, or they may incur surcharges. Please refer to your accessorial charges for the latest surcharges. If you are sending one piece over 70kg, it may be more cost-effective to ship via a freight service instead. Please contact the ILG Freight Team at for more information and quotes. If your shipment is over 30kg, the collecting driver will need assistance loading it onto the van.

Volumetric weight, also known as dimensional or chargeable weight, is calculated by multiplying the height x width x length (in centimetres) of each parcel within your consignment. Divide this figure by 5000 (if the shipment is going via air courier) or 4000 (if the shipment is going via road). Then round-up the total to the next whole kilogram. If this figure is greater than the actual weight, you will be charged on the dimensional (as opposed to the actual) weight of the consignment.